Counselling: ‘From rubbish heap to compost’


Counselling is a method for integrating theory, practice and personal style into the exercise of one’s profession. Counselling means learning from one’s own and other people’s experiences through reflection, which leads to both professional development and emotional relief (‘from rubbish heap to compost ’). The various stages of the counselling process can be described, in somewhat simplified terms, as:

- increased knowledge

- deeper understanding

- changed awareness

- insight

- stance

The counselling situation is forwarded by regularity, which promotes occasions of longer lasting trust over a period of for instance 6-12 months. The relation between company and management and the conditions for counselling should be made clear in the beginning. Counselling can take place individually or in a group. In a group the experiences of all the participants are exploited to a higher degree while one-to-one counselling allows more time for each individual.