Consultation – ‘a professional council’

Consultation aims at solving problems in the short run and at increasing problem-solving competence in the long run. Consultation means using a dialogue with the professional consultant to learn how to better understand a situation and possibly change it. By setting up a ‘professional council’ adequate breathing space and elbow room is made available to help the consultee discover new angles to problems and new counselling alternatives. Often consultation has to do with what promotes or obstructs goal-oriented work. Consultation can be described, in simplified terms, as:

-  elucidation of processes
-  problem-solving
 action alternatives

Consultation is a utility item (= when needed) that begins by mapping out the prerequisites for applying the consultation efforts to practical work. Consultation can be used for working individually or in groups, for co-operation between groups or for an entire organisation. The consultation is adjusted to suit each particular situation