Lars Gustafsson

Lars Gustafsson is a licensed psychologist with a degree from Göteborg University, where he studied from 1968–76. He has supplementary training in the field of individual and group therapy equivalent to Step II, family therapy and counselling training in psycho-social work.

In parallel with his studies in psychology, Lars Gustafsson trained to be an officer in the reserve and was made captain in the Svea Life Guards in 1983. His posting in case of war was made within the information services.

Lars has had experience of group relations conferences in the Tavistock tradition since 1976 – first as a participant and then, in 1983, as a consultant in Sweden, Ireland, England, Holland and Norway. His professional career began at school day-care centres, vocational special schools and within the care sector. Since 1982 Lars has worked with the consultation and counselling of leaders, teams and organisations, basing his theory and practice on the Tavistock tradition.

From 1985–1992 Lars ran his own company, Valens Consultants, and from 1992–98 he was employed by Sandahl Partners. Valence Consulting was founded as a consulting organisation in 1998.
Curriculum Vitae Lars Gustafsson